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    At Tendu, our mission is to provide useful good quality products to enhance your life as a dancer, by making you stronger, more comfortable, and of course gorgeous! Those of you selected to be Tendu Ambassadors will express this mission by sharing your use of our clever products and inspiring other dancers on social media, in your classes, and at any festivals etc.

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  • The Contract:-

    When you are appointed as an ambassador, you will be required to sign a contract:- This is what you can expect the contract will look like:


    Ambassador Expectations:-

    Tendu will provide the ambassador with various free items of clothing and accessories.

    In return for these free goods, the ambassador will post photos/ videos on Instagram (on feed as well as story) once every 2 weeks (or more if desired by the ambassadors) for a total of 6-10 times depending on the item. These photos/ videos do not have to be professional photos, it is simply important the goods are shown clearly, and preferably while being used, so that the audience can see how the item is used/ worn. If for example it is an item of clothing, the item should be worn by the ambassador. If a piece of equipment, we would like to see the item in use- either photo or video. All photos should be submitted to Tendu/ BalletPro for checking before posting. (send via WhatsApp to +447946542673)

    Photos should be tagged with brand name (@tenduworld) and photographers name (if professional photographer) .


    I hereby agree to the following statements:

    • BalletPro (&Tendu) (hereafter read BalletPro and Tendu in all cases) has the sole right to the use of photos of my child. These photos will be published on our website, Facebook page, Instagram page & other social media platforms. They may also be used by selected third parties & at dance events around the UK. I give BalletPro permission to use these photos wherever required.
    • Models will not be paid for work they undertake with us, and travel expenses will not be covered, unless by prior agreement.
    • If my child is to stop working alongside BalletPro, BalletPro still has the rights to use the photos for promotional reasons.
    • Dancewear given to dancers from BalletPro cannot be sold on for profit making or given as gifts and must be used in posts to promote the company. (see below for more specifications)
    • Dancers representing BalletPro/ Tendu as a brand representative or brand ambassador are expected to only promote similar dancewear from our company, and not work with any other dancewear brand. If approached by another brand who sells non-competing items to those offered by Tendu / BalletPro, the ambassador should discuss with BalletPro for approval before promoting. Otherwise this could result in being terminated as a brand representative or brand ambassador with immediate effect.
    • The photographer from each shoot has the right to use the photos.
    • If you have a professional shoot, Photos cannot be retouched or edited from the original photos received- Only BalletPro or the photographer may do this.
    • Photos from the shoot cannot be sold on.
    • Photos posted by the dancer must tag the photographer & BalletPro / Tendu.
    • The ambassador will post at least once every 2 week promoting Tendu – this does not always need to be with photos taken from ambassador photoshoots. This can be informal photos that have been taken at home/ with friends/ in studio. Please send photos to us on WhatsApp +447946542673 before posting.
    • Ambassadors must be active on social media and responsive when contacted by BalletPro / Tendu
    • I give permission for BalletPro to use my child’s first name and Instagram handle via Instagram – first name may be used on Facebook. On our website we will use your first name only if becoming a brand representative or ambassador.
    • We may occasionally arrange a professional photo shoot at a location convenient to both parties. The ambassador would be expected to travel to this shoot, but would be remunerated for time spent at the shoot.
    • If the amabassador arranges her own professional shoot for her own promotional purposes, but uses using Tendu products on the shoot, it is understood that BalletPro would like to use these photos, and the photographer will always be clearly credited. Please ask your photographer to contact us with any further conditions they may have
    • BalletPro takes no responsibility for illness or injury at the dance shoots and events.
    • Damage or loss to property is no responsibility of BalletPro
    • This ambassadorship runs from >>>> until >>>>>.
    • It is at the discretion of BalletPro to extend this ambassadorship if they wish and if the dancer agrees.
    • BalletPro will supply promotional items of their choice free of charge. In return, BalletPro expects at least 10 instagram posts for each item supplied. If there are other products that the dancer wishes to own, we will supply a discount code for 30% discount for any purchase from www.balletpro.co.uk during their 12-month term – this is to only be used by the ambassador and not shared with friends. In return for this discount, we expect 2 posts per discounted item.
    • Any breach of the above terms will result in termination of ambassadorship and all items gifted by BalletPro to be returned to BalletPro at ambassadors cost.
    • The ambassador further agrees to abide by all rules and regulations put into place by BalletPro. This BalletPro contract is in its entirety the complete agreement between parties. Under no conditions shall modification, alteration or amendment of any provisions contained herein be valid or binding unless in writing containing signatures from both parties involved.
    • I have read the above agreement and acknowledge that both we and our son/daughter have entered into this agreement with an understanding of its terms and conditions listed above. BY SIGNING BELOW, BOTH PARTIES AGREE TO THE TERMS CONTAINED WITHIN THIS AGREEMENT AND ACKNOWLEDGE UNDERSTANDING OF THE TERMS CONTAINED HEREIN.

    Name (of parent if ambassador is under 18 years old): __________________ Signature (of parent if ambassador is under 18 years old: __________________ Date: __________________